Duisburg Hafen, Foto: © Markus Gössing/FotoliaThis meeting, which will be organized by ARBEIT UND LEBEN in cooperation with the city-administration of Duisburg, will thematically focus on different approaches in education and training for staff working with people with migrant background.

Apart from teaching personal and administration-staff an additional category are people in the health-care and nursery sector, as there is also an increasing need in care of elderly people with migrant background who are not able or willing to return to their country of origin after retirement.

The programme includes a presentation of the concepts “Duisburg 2027 - Integration As Matter of City Development” and “Support of Intercultural Competence of Municipal Staff and Local Actors in Integration Policies by Further Qualification and Training” in the Duisburg city-administration as well as visits and discussions with representatives of various institutions, like the municipal adult education center VHS Duisburg, the DITIB-Merkez Mosque / Education center and the intercultural rest home for senior-citizens “Haus am Sandberg”.

Grundtvig, Learning Partnership, EMPASSE project

Education in Intercultural Mediation related to Public Administration Services

Location: turkuTurun suomenkielinen työväenopisto/ Turku Adult Education Centre,
Kaskenkatu 5, Turku, Finland

Program of Seminar Days / Activities:

Tuesday 03.11.2009

Arrival of project partners from Denmark and Germany
Accommodation at the Radisson Hotel, Turku.
Rector of Turku Adult Education Centre Ilkka Virta and project coordinator Elena Levantovskaja will be in hotel 18.00 o’clock. Meeting in hotel for distribution of program.
Free evening.

Wednesday 04.11.2009

Depart from hotel and walk to Turku Adult Education Centre. Turku, Finland, November 2009
Introduction of participants and the program schedule: teachers room 5th floor
Velje Municipality - Child & Youth Division, Special Projects Department , DENMARK
Turku Adult Education Centre, FINLAND
Education, Integration and Diversity of Immigrants Seminar
Auditorium 5th floor
(Coffee table)
Chairperson, Grant Siermans will open seminar (English and German)
Greeting from host, Rector Ilkka Virta
Pauli Heikkinen, Director of the Red Cross Finland South-West District, concerning activities and work with immigrants.
Concerning Youth immigrants, Grant Siermans, TAEC
Concerning Adult immigrants, Saara Linnatsalo, AKK
Tour of Turku Adult Education Centre.
Lunch, nearby (free of charge, paid by Turku Adult Education Centre)

Updates on each organisations activities: Turku, Finland,  November 2009
Coffee break
Conclusion of seminar

Activities of project: Lecture room 1st floor.

Discussion and EMPASSE Webpage update
Walking tour of Turku.
Free evening.

Thursday 05.11.2009

Leave from hotel by bus.
Visit Asylum Office, Mika Lamminpää (Finnish language teacher)
Visit AKK, Adult Educational/Vocational Centre
Lunch at AKK (free of charge, paid by Turku Adult Education Centre)
Return to Turku Adult Education Centre
Workshops: Auditorium 5th floor
Diversity management, project manager Biljana Lozo (Denmark)
Intercultural mediation and training, project manager Sebastian Welter (Germany)

Planning of project activities
(Breaks where needed)

Continuation if needed (class room 604), otherwise free evening.

Friday 06.11.2009



Vejle Municipality
Inger Andersen
Britta Starup
Ella Hansen
Anne Vind Andersen
Tove Merete Christensen
Mia Redsted Jorgensen
Biljana Lozo

Arbeit und Leben
Sebastian Welter
Luciano Becht
Meltem Söylemez

Turku Adult Education Centre
Ilkka Virta
Elena Levantovskaja
Annika Nummelin
Saila Visti
Mika Tammenkoski
Anne-Liisa Heinonen
Grant Siermans

Guests: Pauli Heikkinen (Finnish Red Cross, South West District)
Mika Lamminpää (Finnish Red Cross, South West District)
Saara Linnatsalo (Turku Language and Vocational Centre / AKK)
Niina Salmi (Paasikivi-opisto)
Satu Rautuma (Viro Keskus, Estonian Centre)
Reino Lemmetyinen (Viro Keskus, Estonian Centre)
Sirpa Vaino (Palo-hanke, Turun Kaupunki)
Majatte Nieminen (Palo-hanke, Turun Kaupunki)
Riita Mursala-Innanen (Opetuspaivelukeskus)
Maria Serrano (SONDIP Ry)
Zeki Kutuk (University of Turku)


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Grundtvig, Learning Partnership, EMPASSE project

Education in Intercultural Mediation related to Public Administration Services

Location: Vejle, Denmark

Program of Seminar Days / Activities:

Monday, December 8th

Note: If participants are in Vejle by 18:00, we propose to meet for dinner. Biljana and Elizabeth will meet you at the hotel lobby at 18:00 hrs.

Tuesday, December 9th

Venue: Vejle Kommune. (We will meet you at the main entrance at 09:30 hours.) Vejle, Denmark, December 2008
09:30 Meet Guests at Main entrance, City Hall
09:30-10:00 Welcome with the Vejle Mayor , Leif Skov
10:00-10:15 Introduction of participants
Discussion of the program for the next 2 days
Brief introduction on each participant’s organisation and updates on their activities (for info). (30 min. each)
10:15-10:45 Germany
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-11:30 Finland
11:30-12:00 Denmark
12:00-13:00 Lunch at Vejle Kommune Cafeteria
13:00-15:30 Discussion of the project, and re-defining design and activities and re-planning
  • Review of the original proposal
  • Define goals that are relevant given the partnership composition
  • Clarify deliverables and products
  • Clarify and identify activities and methodologies
  • Clarifying budgets
  • Defining roles for each partner
Vejle, Denmark, December 2008
15:30 Free
18:00 Meet at hotel lobby/Walk to restaurant
Dinner hosted by Vejle Kommune

Wednesday, December 10th

09:30-11:00 Sharing of Best Practice: The Diversity Management Course for Supervisors & Employees of Vejle
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-12:15 Discussion on the Vejle Model
12:15-13:15 Lunch at the Vejle Kommune Cafeteria
13:15-14:30 Continuation of the project discussion, clarifications, planning and agreements.
14:30-14:45 Break
14:45-15:00 Evaluation
15:00-18:00 Cultural Orientation: Tour of Vejle
19:00 Dinner

Thursday, December 11th



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